A website that explains in detail the job of fashion graphic designer. To continually educate and inform students, professional and creative possibilities of new computer-aided designs that are undergoing a revolution.

For fashion design evolves and the demand for fashion graphic designer specializing in this area is diversified along the way we communicate (internet, multimedia , news, video, mobile,touch …). The hardest part of this job is to stay abreast of new technologies that are revolutionizing the design and computer-assisted projects.

Above all, the fashion graphic designer is a creative tool that uses the computer with software specific to clothing (Corel Draw, C-design, Lectra, …) and other general reserved « normally » to visual communication and graphics as the creative pack Adobe CS5 .

For easy projects requested, a fashion graphic designer should know how to use at least 2 software. The first  » Illustrator « is used to make logos and vector illustrations, technical drawings and data sheets manufacturing.  » Photoshop « the image can work in detail: retouching, color, texture, shadow effects, light effects 3D … More a fashion graphic designer will know these 2 software, the more effective in what he undertakes. Control of a third software  » InDesign « can lay out his achievements as a catalog and coordinate graphic presentation of collections. Every graphic designer in his method of work that stand out and not others.

It is very important to renew the concepts and ideas. We call this sourcing. Trade showsand now Websourcing are essential for the development of a project. It is also very important to have the soul for good business communication work performed to give the expected value to its products. The methods used to construct a collection must constantly evolve, because it is necessary to better follow the needs of various stakeholders (customers, Sales Manager, Art Director, Head of Collection, …). Rigor, flexibility, observation skills, aesthetics and creativity are assets in this business.